Current PhD  Students

Brandon Feenstra

Brandon Feenstra

Brandon Feenstra received his B.S. in Chemistry and his M.Sc. degree in Earth and Environmental Science from California State University, San Bernardino.  His research involves the use and application of networks of low-cost air quality sensors.  Brandon splits his time between CE-CERT and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) where he works as an air quality specialist in the Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC).


Chen Le

Chen Le

Mr. Le received his B.S Degree in Environmental Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2016 and is currently pursuing his PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside.  He is currently exploring SOA phase-state properties of secondary organic aerosol and their dependence on temperature and RH.  He also serves as the data-manager for UC Riverside for the ICARUS project.

Qi Li

Qi Li

Qi Li received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China.  He is currently working on accurate and precise delivery of synthetic and real aerosols for controlled exposures.  The health related research of this work focus on pulmonary function, immune response, and impact on brain and genes. 


Ayla Moretti

Ayla Moretti

Ayla Moretti received her B.S. in Environmental Science from Oregon State University in 2012.  Her research focuses on creating an SOA predictive module for the EPA MOVES model. 

Weihan Peng

Weihan Peng

Weihan has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2015.   His major research focuses on the study of NO effects on SOA formation from anthropogenic and biogenic precursors.   He has also participated in research on vehicle exhaust aging as well as characterized emissions from a LNG fueled marine engine. 

Xinze Peng

Xinze Peng

Xinze (Eric) Peng received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Beijing University of Science and Technology in 2014.  His research has focused on the health effects of pollen, dust, and ambient aerosol.

Paul Van Rooy

Paul Van Rooy

Paul received his B.S. degree in Physics w/ minor in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2014.   Paul's research focuses on photooxidation of agricultural emissions (amines and reduced sulfur species) and how these compounds interact to form secondary aerosol.  Paul's favorite part of studying agricultural emissions is all the wonderful smells...


Current MS Students

Michele Simkins


Current UG Students

Thomas Eckel

Samantha Hanson

Alexis Illich

Mai Le

Berenice Munoz

Kharla Pimentel

Christian Walker


PhD Alumni

Jiachang Yang (Ph.D completed 9/2018, currently at California Air Resources Board)

Jade  (Ph.D completed 6/2018, currently at Cummins)

Weihua Li (Ph.D completed 6/2018, currently at Cummins)

Lijie Li (Sara) (Ph.D completed 6/2017, currently post-doc, Caltech)

Mary Kacarab (Ph.D completed 6/2016, currently researcher, GeorgiaTech)

Chia-Li Chen (Candace) (Ph.D completed 6/2016, currently post-doc, UCSD)

Ji Luo (Jill) (Ph.D completed 6/2016, research engineer, UCR)

Nick Gysel (Ph.D completed 6/2015, engineer, Yorke Engineering)

Tanfeng Cao (Sam) (Ph.D completed 6/2015, engineer, Cummins)

Derek Price (Ph.D completed 6/2014, currently post-doc University of Colorado)

Poornima Dixit (Ph.D completed 6/2013, consultant, Trinity Consultants)

Miriam Hajbajai (Ph.D completed 6/2012, engineer, California Air Resources Board)

Mohammed Yusof Khan (Ph.D completed 6/2012, engineer, Cummins)

Xiaochen Tang (Esther) (Ph.D completed 6/2012, researcher, LLNL)

Ping Tang (Annie) (Ph.D completed 6/2011, currently researcher, Proud MOM, previously AQMD)

Christopher Clark (Ph.D completed 6/2011, currently engineer, Naval Sea Warfare Center, Corona)

Seyed Hosseni (Ehsan) (Ph.D completed 6/2011, engineer, California Air Resources Board)

Shunsuke Nakao (Ph.D completed 6/2011, Assistant Professor, Clarkson)

Kent Johnson (Ph.D completed 6/2010, currently Research Engineer, CE-CERT/UCR)

Varalakshmi Jayaram (Lakshmi) (Ph.D completed 6/2010, currently manager, Ramboll)

Qi Li (Ph.D completed 6/2010, analytical chemist, China)

Harshit Agrawal (Ph.D completed 6/2009, manager, Shell Global Solutions)

Ajay Chaudhary (Ph.D completed 6/2009, independent contractor, India)

Quentin Malloy (Ph.D completed 6/2008, manager,  BAAQMD)

Bethany Warren (Ph.D completed 6/2008,  Pacific Air & Environment in Brisbane, Australia)

Abhilash Nigam (Ph.D completed 10/2007, pharmaceuticals)

Ph.D Dissertation Title “Emissions Assessment of Selected Diesel Sources at Ports: Baseline Conditions and Benefits Through Use of Control Technologies”

Aniket Sawant (Ph.D. completed 6/2006, currently at Johnson-Matthey)

Ph.D. Dissertation Title “Analyses and Impacts of Selected Emission Sources”

M.S. Dissertation Title “Characterization of Indoor and Outdoor Gas- and Particle-Phase Compounds in Western Riverside County, California”

Chen Song (Ph.D. completed 6/2006, currently at RJR)

Ph.D. Dissertation Title “Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Aromatic Hydrocarbons”

Sandip Shah (Ph.D. completed 6/2005, currently at Drexel)

Ph.D. Dissertation Title “A Study of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Exhaust Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines”

Assistant Research Engineer and visiting scientists Alumni

Kwangsam Na (ARB)

Hiroyuki Hagino (JARI)

Kei Sato (NIES)

Undergraduate Students (Alumni, in alphabetical order)

Masters: Yuehua Gu

Undergraduate: Lorelai Adams, Danh Alkurdi, Greg Aniol, Brandon Aparacio, Julien Araiza, Rebecca Austin, Sarah Bates, Damini Bhana, Phillip Brendecke, Sheraz Butt, Tanfeng (Sam) Cao, Joanna Collado, Heather Donley, Doug Duchon, Jesus Duran, Matthew Ealy, Nicholas Elliot, Robert Espinoza, Nolan Fan, Richard Findlay, Shannon Flor, Rina Gohil, James Guiterrez, Christina Hall, Melissa Henrich, Katrina Hess, Norman Ho, Igor Irrianto, Karel Jansen, Daisy Jimenez, Jordan Jones, Joon Jung, Mary Kacarab, Daisy Kim, Ravi Kumar, Dustin Kwon, Marqel Armani Lee, Kevin Lim, Shunhua Lin, Shannon Lopez, Wendy Lucero, Dana Maxie, Sean McClanahan, Kelly McCoy, Jesse Mendoza, Faith Morel, Alejandra Moreno, Carlton Nguyen, Dennis Nguyen, Duc Nguyen, Hanphuc Nguyen, Kevin Nguyen, Temitope Ogunyoku, Elizabeth Gonzalez Parra, Luis Perez, Paul Phartho, Shrey Prajapati, Adam Rodriguez, Edwin Rodriguez, Richard Rojas, Jesus Sahaguran, Kyle Schaefer, Eric Seo, Mary Sheppe, Letia Solomon, Stephanie Stasiuk, Clayton Stothers, Wenfu Sun, Christian Surdilla, Cameron Switzer, Dylan Switzer, Shimkiri Syiem, Israel Tamiru, Sampson Tang, Justin Tao, David Torres, Marisol Torres, Yun (Geoffrey) Tsai, Anthony Turgman, Nicholas Valencia, Fabian Villalabos, Tiffany Virgiano, Jean Wang, Charles Wardle, Jianyu Xu, Henry Yang, Jing Yang, Ran Ye, Lindsay Yee, Christina Zapata, Melanie Zecca

GPP: Qi Li, Chen Le, Weihan Peng, Xinze (Eric) Peng

non-UCR: Lou Dingjun, Valeria Cristal, Rachel Durant, DeAngelo Wooley, Aaron Aguirre, Micah Mekbib, Zhihua Liu (Dash), Keng (Austyn) Low, Nicolette Ramirez, Carlotta Schudeler, 12 community college students (2009), Arturo Ayala, Lara Miguel, Enrique Rivera, Tracey Bailey, Billie Lance, Mark Ruiz, Arturo Ramirez, Manuel Barrios, Taylor Malone, Katherine Gobales, Erik Thomas, Alma De Haro, Arlene Chandar, Isaac Lino, Nancy Alvarado, Gustavo Barraran, John Rojas, Juan Pablo, Ethan Amezcua, Richard Rojas, Nathaly Hasbon, Arthur Retana

HS: Alex Ethell, Sasha Itkis, Daniel Na, Yunji Oh, Hanna Shon